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HT Lysing Homogenizer Provides Simple and Powerful Solutions for Rapid High-Throughput Grinding For high performance grinding, the HT Lysing Homogenizer is one of the most flexible models on the market. The built-in adjustable holder allows for easy processing of samples - no accessories needed. This versatile Homogenizer allows high throughput grinding, and is ideal for processing multiple tubes, microplates, deep-well plates, or any sample container that fits in the 10.2x12.7x6.4 cm holder. Take the guesswork out of sample preparation. Five preset programs optimized for speed and time to process the most common samples, including bacteria, fungi, plant, and animal tissue easily.

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Code Name Capacity | Readability or Description   Price  
30391393 HOHTDG HT LYSING HOMOGENIZER     $12408.50
30391413 Tray Assembly, HOHTDG     $143.64
30391414 Motor Cam Assembly, HOHTDG     $136.99
30391426 Holder Assembly, HOHTDG     $1279.46
30391427 Motor Assembly, HOHTDG     $4548.60
30391429 Slider Assembly, HOHTDG     $2314.20
30391430 Foot Assembly, HOHTDG     $585.20
30391431 Tube Rack, 25 x 2ml Tubes, 2 per pack     $21.85
30391433 Sample Tube Kit, 14 Tubes     $60.95
30391435 Bottom Housing Assembly, HOHTDG     $1210.30
30391437 Motor Control Assembly, HOHTDG     $4083.10
30391438 Water Protector Assembly, HOHTDG     $424.27
30391439 Top Housing Assembly, 120V, HOHTDG     $5612.60
30391441 Top Housing Assembly, 230V, HOHTDG     $5719.00
30391442 Top Bellows Assembly, HOHTDG     $240.73
30391443 Lid Assembly, HOHTDG     $5160.40
30391460 Lid Switch Assembly, HOHTDG     $186.20
30391462 PCBA and Hardware Assembly, HOHTDG     $1106.56
30391463 Power Entry Module Wires, HOHTDG     $136.99
30391467 Filter To Switch Wires, HOHTDG     $140.98
30391470 Motor Control Wires, HOHTDG     $136.99
30391473 Main Power Wires, 120V, HOHTDG     $239.40
30391475 Main Power Wires, 230V, HOHTDG     $162.26
30391477 PCBA Power Wires, 230V, HOHTDG     $140.98
30391479 Switch To Transformer Wires, HOHTDG     $136.99
30391482 Speed Sensor Wires, HOHTDG     $136.99
30458082 Fuse, set of two, 120V HOHTDG     $93.10
30458083 Fuse, set of two, 230V HOHTDG     $93.10