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Shop Guardian 2000 Now
Guardian 2000
Dependable OHAUS Guardian 2000(TM) Hotplates and Stirrers are ideal for education and other lab environments that require affordable, everyday fast heating and reliable stirring up to 15L. All three sizes offer simple knob control to easily adjust the heating and stirring functions. The durable housing includes a built-in support rod holder which accepts the optional support rod.
Shop Guardian 3000 Now
Guardian 3000
OHAUS Guardian 3000™ Hotplate Stirrers are designed for economical heating and stirring in all laboratory settings. The bright LCD display includes easy-to-read temperature and speed settings, intuitive icons and a prominent hot top indicator that lights up when the heater is above 40°C. Select from three plate sizes to suit your application.
Shop Guardian 5000 Hotplates Now
Guardian 5000 Hotplates
SafetyHeat™ System Protects the Lab Industry-leading early detection system that assures safety in heating applications with dual monitoring of system health to protect the lab.
Shop Guardian 7000 Hotplates Now
Guardian 7000 Hotplates
SmartPresence™ and SmartLink™ Technologies Ensure Supervised Operation Protect your lab with exclusive technology that recognizes nearby users and shuts off heater if no one is detected after a user set "time out" has passed or when *Bluetooth® link is broken between unit and paired mobile device.
Shop Mini Hotplates & Stirrers Now
Mini Hotplates & Stirrers
Compact, Reliable, Easy-to-Use Hotplates and Stirrers for Basic Heating and Stirring

Select the function you need for your everyday heating and stirring. Five models to choose from - Hotplate, Fixed Temperature Hotplate, Stirrer, Auto Stirrer and combination Hotplate-Stirrer. Our mini hotplate stirrer is easy to clean up. All models feature a smooth, chemical-resistant ceramic top plate. This brilliant white reflective surface is optimal for viewing your samples. Designed for safety - unique housing material is heat-resistant making it not only cool to the touch, but also chemical-resistant. Spill resistant design ensures long-term reliable use.

Shop Multi-Position Stirrers Now
Multi-Position Stirrers
Synchronized and Uniform Mixing
Powerful Magnetic Stirrers available in either four or nine position capacities provide precise speed control that deliver repeatable performance. Offered in both digital and non-digital models.
Shop Large Volume Stirrers Now
Large Volume Stirrers
Powerful Motor and Magnet Mixes Samples Up To 200 L
OHAUS offers four models for stirring capacities between 25 to 200 L allowing you to choose the right model for your application. The broad top plate surface allows processing of oversized vessels such as carboys for your large volume stirring. The powerful magnetic drive is also capable of mixing highly viscous materials.