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Incubating Cooling Thermal Shakers

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Thermal Shakers are designed for applications that require consistent and precise high-speed shaking with temp. control to 100 deg C. With heating & shaking capabilities, our shakers use interchangeable blocks to accommodate tubes & microplates. Intuitive LCD touchscreen allows the user to save & track progress of 5 user-defined programs, each with 5 individual steps. Enhanced electronics provide dependable temp. settings across the operating range.

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Code Name Capacity Motion Tray Size (LxLxWxW) Price  
30392003 Thermal Shaker, Heat, ISTHBLHTS, US 1 Thermal block Orbital 3 mm   $3197.00
30391996 Thermal Shaker, Heat/Cool, ISTHBLCTS, US 1 Thermal block Orbital 3 mm   $4252.70