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Clamp Accessories
OHAUS offers a range of accessories to meet your specific sample requirements. A variety of platform options are available to hold irregular samples or traditional flask clamps and tube racks. 
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Multi Purpose Clamps
Lab Essentials With Prong Style, Grip Size and Material Options
  • Nickel-plated zinc clamps offer high-tensile strength at an economical price. Corrosion-resistant stainless steel clamps provide excellent chemical resistance, durability, and are autoclavable.
  • 2-prong clamps are ideal for holding straight-sided apparatus such as burets, thermometers and flask necks. The more versatile 3-prong clamps are designed for holding irregularly-shaped objects.
  • Dual adjust clamps are designed to hold large vessels. Both prongs open gradually to maximum grip size without binding. Precise pressure regulation when gripping glassware reduces chance of breakage.
Shop Rods  Frames  & Supports Accessories Now
Rods Frames & Supports Accessories
OHAUS offers a range of Rods Frames & Supports Accessories to meet your specific sample requirements. 
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Rods, Frames & Supports
Providing Secure Support for Holding Glassware at Elevated Positions
  • Corrosion-resistant frames and rods are available in stainless steel and aluminum. Stainless steel offers high chemical resistance and durability. Aluminum offers greater strength at a lighter weight.
  • Thirteen lab-frame kit options are available - with four specifically designed to fit in fume hoods. You can also purchase rods and bases individually to meet your exact requirements.
  • Lab-lifts provide adjustable lifting platforms with exceptional strength and durability for holding small lab equipment such as glassware, hot plates and water baths at different heights.
Shop Adapter, Buckets & Racks Now
Adapter, Buckets & Racks
OHAUS offers a range of Adapter, Buckets & Racks Accessories to meet your specific sample requirements.