Mini Vortex Mixers

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Built Sturdy to Provide Stable and Reliable Vortexing Action

  • Available as analog and digital models with a rocker switch to select from 2 modes - Touch mode which activates mixing when depressing the cup head or Continuous mode when using accessory attachments.
  • Analog and digital models offer speed control from low RPM start up for gentle shaking - to high-speed mixing for vigorous vortexing of samples (analog - 300 to 3200 rpm & digital - 500 to 3000 rpm).
  • Fixed speed vortex mixers start mixing when the cup head is depressed. Ideal for mixing samples when a variable speed is not needed. Speed is a full 3200 rpm to provide vigorous mixing of samples.

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Code Name Control Duty Rating Price  
30392108 Vortex Mixer Mini Fix Speed VXMNFS US Fixed Speed Intermittent $308.00
30392115 Vortex Mixer Mini Analog VXMNAL US Analog Intermittent $350.90
30392122 Vortex Mixer Mini Digital VXMNDG US Digital Intermittent $449.90
30392129 Vortex Mixer Mini Pulsing VXMNPS US Pulsing Intermittent $547.80