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Multi Purpose Clamps

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Lab Essentials With Prong Style, Grip Size and Material Options

  • Nickel-plated zinc clamps offer high-tensile strength at an economical price. Corrosion-resistant stainless steel clamps provide excellent chemical resistance, durability, and are autoclavable.
  • 2-prong clamps are ideal for holding straight-sided apparatus such as burets, thermometers and flask necks. The more versatile 3-prong clamps are designed for holding irregularly-shaped objects.
  • Dual adjust clamps are designed to hold large vessels. Both prongs open gradually to maximum grip size without binding. Precise pressure regulation when gripping glassware reduces chance of breakage.

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Code Name Clamp Style Price  
30392246 Clamp Flow Control Pinchcock CLF-PKHDZ Pinchcock - Complete Closure $37.24
30392245 Clamp Flow Control Pinchcock CLF-PKRGZ Pinchcock - Complete Closure $37.24
30392247 Clamp Flow Control Pinchcock CLF-PKVFZ Pinchcock - Complete Closure $46.55
30392212 Clamp Flow Control Hosecock CLF-HKEXZ Hosecock - Adjustable Control $64.40
30392310 Clamp Flow Control Hosecock CLF-HKHDZ Hosecock - Adjustable Control $90.44
30392221 Clamp Flow Control Hosecock CLF-HKRGS Hosecock - Adjustable Control $79.35
30392210 Clamp Flow Control Hosecock CLF-HKRGZ Hosecock - Adjustable Control $32.20
30392341 Clamp Flow Control Set CLF-HKFTZ Hosecock - Adjustable Control $59.80
30392230 Clamp Multi Purpose CLM-FIXED2SSM 2-Prong Single Adjust $126.50
30392218 Clamp Multi Purpose CLM-FIXED2SZM 2-Prong Single Adjust $43.70
30392229 Clamp Multi Purpose CLM-FIXED3DSM 3-Prong Dual Adjust $158.70
30392217 Clamp Multi Purpose CLM-FIXED3DZM 3-Prong Dual Adjust $54.05
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