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Providing Secure Support for Holding Glassware at Elevated Positions

  • Corrosion-resistant frames and rods are available in stainless steel and aluminum. Stainless steel offers high chemical resistance and durability. Aluminum offers greater strength at a lighter weight.
  • Thirteen lab-frame kit options are available - with four specifically designed to fit in fume hoods. You can also purchase rods and bases individually to meet your exact requirements.
  • Lab-lifts provide adjustable lifting platforms with exceptional strength and durability for holding small lab equipment such as glassware, hot plates and water baths at different heights.

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Code Name Material Price  
30392266 Clamp Connector Bar CLC-HTZMBA05 Aluminum $36.80
30392267 Clamp Connector Bar CLC-HTZMBA10 Aluminum $40.25
30392268 Clamp Connector Bar CLC-HTZMBA15 Aluminum $43.70
30392269 Clamp Connector Bar CLC-HTZMBA20 Aluminum $47.15
30392261 Clamp Connector Channel CLC-CHANLZ Nickel plated $29.90
30392264 Clamp Connector End-To-End CLC-EN2ENA Aluminum $31.05
30392358 Clamp Connector Hook CLC-HOOKCS Stainless Steel $41.40
30392258 Clamp Connector Hook CLC-HOOKCZ Nickel plated $19.95
30392255 Clamp Connector Lattice CLC-LTTCEA Aluminum $265.65
30392262 Clamp Connector Multi-Rod CLC-MTRODZ Nickel plated $47.15
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