Culinary Series Food Scales

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Designed for use in culinary portioning, baking and pastry applications, the Ohaus Culinary Scale combines precision measurement, easy-to-clean design and portability in one affordable package. Each Culinary Scale comes with a removable, stainless steel weighing pan and a padded hardshell carrying case.

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Code Name Capacity | Readability / Description Price  
CL201 CL201 200 G | 0.1 G   $119.90
CL2000 CL2000 2000 G | 1 G   $119.90
CL5000 CL5000 5000 G | 1 G   $166.10
80010623 Pan Cover, SST, CL     $22.61
46001776 PWR,ACCES,AC-PRONG     $22.61
46001724 PWR,W,IN,6W,12VDC,S21x55x9x100,S     $57.19