Guardian 5000 Hotplates

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SafetyHeat™ System Protects the Lab Industry-leading early detection system that assures safety in heating applications with dual monitoring of system health to protect the lab.

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Code Name Function Price  
30500530 Hotplate e-G51HP07C 120V US Heating $360.00
30500520 Hotplate-Stirrer e-G51HS07C 120V US Heating and Stirring $600.00
30500550 Hotplate-Stirrer e-G51HS10C 120V US Heating and Stirring $780.00
30500560 Hotplate-Stirrer e-G51HSRDM 120V US Heating and Stirring $600.00
30500533 Hotplate e-G51HP07C 230V EU   $360.00
30500523 Hotplate-Stirrer e-G51HS07C 230V EU   $600.00
30500553 Hotplate-Stirrer e-G51HS10C 230V EU   $780.00
30500563 Hotplate-Stirrer e-G51HSRDM 230V EU   $600.00