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SmartPresence™ and SmartLink™ Technologies Ensure Supervised Operation Protect your lab with exclusive technology that recognizes nearby users and shuts off heater if no one is detected after a user set "time out" has passed or when *Bluetooth® link is broken between unit and paired mobile device.

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Code Name Function Price  
30500600 Hotplate-Stirrer e-G71HS07C 120V US Heating and Stirring $900.00
30500610 Hotplate-Stirrer e-G71HS10C 120V US Heating and Stirring $1260.00
30500620 Hotplate-Stirrer e-G71HSRDM 120V US Heating and Stirring $810.00
30500603 Hotplate-Stirrer e-G71HS07C 230V EU   $900.00
30500613 Hotplate-Stirrer e-G71HS10C 230V EU   $1260.00
30500623 Hotplate-Stirrer e-G71HSRDM 230V EU   $810.00