Valor 7000 Compact Bench Scales

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The OHAUS Valor 7000 compact food scale is the newest scale in OHAUS’s line of reliable and durable products that will increase your food weighing and proportioning productivity. Dual displays and touchless sensors, user-friendly menu and setup, along with the speed and accuracy of the results provide for a seamless and hassle-free user experience that is second to none.

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Name Capacity | Readability / Description Price  
V71P1502T 1.5 kg $716.10
V71P3T 3 kg $716.10
V71P6T 6 kg $716.10
V71P15T 15 kg $716.10
V71P30T 30 kg $716.10
Cable, RS232, IBM 9P, AV DV MB Ranger $234.08
Carrying Case, TR TC R31 TC31 V71 $446.88
Ethernet Kit, R31 RC31 R71 V71 $184.87
Hook,R21 RC21 R31 RC31 V71 $133.00
In-Use-Cover, Set(10), V71 $94.43
In-Use-Cover, V71 $46.55
Printer, Impact, SF40A, AM $1199.66
RS232 Kit, R31 RC31 R71 V71 $184.87
USB Kit, R31 RC31 V71 $184.87