Price: $1900.80

    Code: 30070289

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    3 kg x 0.00005 kg 3,000 g x 0.05 g 6 lb x 0.0001 lb 96 oz x 0.002 oz

    Advanced Features

    Advanced Features Take Industrial Weighing to the Next Level With ten advanced application modes, including formulation and density weighing, Ranger 7000 can meet the weighing and measurement needs of practically any industrial application or manufacturing process. Many application modes eliminate the need to do long and complicated manual calculations. Ranger 7000 contains a 300 item library for storage of weighing, check, counting, and filling data and 30 item library for formulation data, ensuring abundant space for all data storage needs. With the remote base option, you can connect a floor scale platform or bench scale base with higher capacity in order to achieve precise results for a job of any size. Results from both scales can be displayed at the same time. Ranger 7000 can control many peripheral devices through the optional Discrete I/O interface (provides 2 input ports and 4 output ports), which can be used for accurate weight measurement in filling and checkweighing applications.