Price: $595.84

    Code: 30219115

    Measurement Range: 0.1 ?S|cm -199.9 mS|cm
    0.1 mg|l -199.9 g|l (TDS)
    0 °C -100 °C

    Resolution: Auto Range
    0.1 °C

    Downloads: Product Data Sheet

    Convenient Portable pH Meter for Wherever Your Work Takes You

    • Intuitive software and a well-organized display work in tandem to make operating the Starter Series a simple and straightforward task.
    • Starter portable products fit comfortably in the palm of the hand. Each also comes equipped with a retractable built-in stand that can be used to prop up the meter on a flat surface.
    • Starter tracks the accuracy of the calibration process right on the display so you can measure with peace-of-mind knowing your results will be highly precise.