Harvard Trip Mechanical Scales

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Solid construction and classic performance

Harvard Trips feature a traditional two-pan design based on the classic Roberval balance principle and are commonly used for comparative weighing.

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Code Name Capacity | Readability / Description Price  
1450-SD 1450-SD "Harvard Trip, 2000 g x 0.1g, single beam, Stainless Steel plates"   $396.00
1550-SD 1550-SD "Harvard Trip, 2000 g x 0.1g, two beam, Stainless Steel plates"   $424.60
1560-SD 1560-SD "Harvard Trip, 2000 g x 0.1g, two beam, Stainless Steel plates, tare"   $444.40
80850000 Anti-Theft Device, SP PA AV NV     $106.40
80850262 Dust Cover, Storage, Triple Beam     $47.88
80780011 Kit, Rod and Clamp     $89.11
80780016 Scoop and Counter Weight, 1.75l     $70.49
80780014 Scoop and Counter Weight, Poly     $66.50
80780015 Scoop and Counter Weight, SST     $156.94
80780006 Scoop, PP, 0.8l     $47.88
80850115 Weight Set, 1kg-1g, ASTM 6, Cyl     $592.80