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High Performance at an Economical Price The OHAUS Pioneer Series: the newest line of balances, basic level but full featured and simple to use. With the right combination of performance and features, the OHAUS Pioneer offers uncomplicated performance for all your basic weighing needs.

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Name Capacity | Readability / Description Price  
PA163 160g x 1mg $1140.70
PA323 320g x 1mg $1331.00
PA523 520g x 1mg $1586.20
PA1602 1600g x 10mg $1025.20
PA2202 2200g x 10mg $1204.50
PA3202 3200g x 10mg $1459.70
PA4202 4200g x 10mg $1648.90
PA2201 2200g x 100mg $995.50
PA4201 4200g x 100mg $1168.20
PA163C 160g x 1mg $1378.30
PA323C 320g x 1mg $1568.60
PA523C 520g x 1mg $1822.70
PA1602C 1600g x 10mg $1262.80
PA2202C 2200g x 10mg $1441.00
PA3202C 3200g x 10mg $1696.20
PA4202C 4200g x 10mg $1885.40
PA2201C 2200g x 100mg $1212.20
PA4201C 4200g x 100mg $1387.10
80500572 Adapter, 25 Pin-9 Pin, SF42 SRP275 $71.82
80850000 Anti-Theft Device, SP PA AV NV $95.76
80251396 Auxiliary Display, PAD7, PA AX EX $71.82
80500524 Cable, 25 Pin-9 Pin, PC-TxxP $206.15
80500525 Cable, RS232, IBM 9P, AV DV MB Ranger $206.15
80252571 Cable, RS232,CBM910-AV DV EX MB PA TxxP $206.15
12122603 Cable, RS9 M/F,1.5m $206.15
80252581 Cable, ST103-AV DV EX MB PA TxxP $206.15
80253384 Density Kit, Solids $829.92
83020221 In-Use-Cover, PA $49.21
30064203 Printer, Impact, SF40A, AM $1061.34
80251992 Printer, Thermal, STP-103, US $827.26
80850080 Software, Winwedge $581.21