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The Best Compact Counting Scale in its Class!

  • Ranger 3000 produces accurate results within one second. The rapid stabilization virtually eliminates your wait time and allows you to move at a pace determined by you, not your weighing equipment.
  • Accurate weighing and counting performance is assured through Ranger Count 3000's high resolution, 30 item library function and auto-optimization software that reduces errors and ensures accuracy.
  • Easily navigate the menu setup area and view the three LCD backlit displays, including a centrally located count display, that make Ranger Count 3000 easy to use while performing advanced operations.

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Code Name Capacity | Readability or Description   Price  
30031787 RC31P1502 1.5 kg   $1182.50
30031788 RC31P3 3 kg   $1182.50
30031789 RC31P6 6 kg   $1182.50
30031790 RC31P15 15 kg   $1182.50
30031791 RC31P30 30 kg   $1182.50
30037446 PCBA Kit, 2nd Platform, RC31     $271.32
30037447 Ethernet Kit, R31 RC31 R71 V71     $271.32
30037448 RS232 Kit, R31 RC31 R71 V71     $271.32
30037449 USB Kit, R31 RC31 V71     $271.32
30037450 Hook,R21 RC21 R31 RC31 V71     $194.18
30064203 Printer, Impact, SF40A, AM     $1732.99
80251992 Printer, Thermal, STP-103, US     $1336.65
80500525 Cable, RS232, IBM 9P, AV DV MB Ranger     $337.82
80850084 Carrying Case, TR TC R31 TC31 V71     $647.71