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Reciprocating Shakers

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Providing Consistent Shaking Action for a Range of Applications

  • Touchpad controls with independent LED's for speed/time allow operator to view all settings at once. Timer displays elapsed time or when programmed to a set time, will turn off when time reaches zero.
  • Speed ramping feature slowly increases the speed to desired set-point to avoid splashing. The load sensor detects unbalanced conditions & automatically reduces rpm to a safe speed to protect samples.
  • Our shakers are equipped with an overload protection system. Audible and visual signals will activate when the system detects an obstruction or overload of the tray to warn the operator.

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Code Name Capacity Motion Tray Size (LxLxWxW) Price  
30391828 Shaker, Reciprocating, SHRC0719DG, US 6.8 kg Reciprocating 19 mm 11 in x 27.9 cm x 13 in x 33 cm $3277.50