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Vortex Mixer Accessories

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Comprehensive Selection of Holders for a Range of Needs

  • Heavy-Duty Vortex includes a holder for securing accessory tube racks. Mini Vortex Mixers need retainer to secure accessory racks. 6 racks available for Multi-Tube Vortexers from 10-29mm dia. tubes.
  • Mini Vortex Mixer foam insert holds 1 microplate. Microplate Vortex Mixers can hold up to 2. Heavy Duty Vortex Mixers can hold 8 microplates with the 4 plate holder and the stackable 4 plate holder.
  • Magnetically attaches to either the Mini or Heavy Duty series to provide hands-free mixing of single tubes. Not for use on the Fixed Speed Mini Vortex Mixer.

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Image Code Name Price  
  30400151 Module Block 10 mm Test Tube $219.65
  30400152 Module Block 12/13 mm 20 Hole $219.65
  30400153 Module Block 15/16 mm 12 Hole $219.65
  30400154 Module Block 20 mm Test Tube 8 Hole $219.65
  30400155 Module Block 25 mm Test Tube 8 Hole $219.65
  30400156 Module Block Combination $219.65
  30400157 Module Block 0.5 mL Microtaper $219.65
  30400158 Module Block 6 mm Test Tube $219.65
  30400159 Module Block 1.5 mL Microtaper $219.65
  30400160 Module Block Solid $219.65
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