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Water Analysis Pen Meters

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After more than a century of perfecting the art of measurement through our durable weighing products, OHAUS precision is now available in a line of pen meters that provide accurate measurement of pH, oxidation-reduction potential (ORP), conductivity, salinity, and total dissolved solids (TDS). Starter pen meters are the economical option when you are simply looking for meters that will provide accurate measurement with no restriction.

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Code Name Image Price Measurement Range Resolution  
30073970 Pen Meter ST10   $67.10 0.0-14.0 0.1pH
30073971 Pen Meter ST20   $114.40 0.00-14.00 0.01pH
30073972 Pen Meter ST10C-A   $89.10 0.0-199.9 μs|cm 0.1 μs|cm
30073973 Pen Meter ST10C-B   $89.10 0-1999 μs|cm 1 μs|cm
30073974 Pen Meter ST10C-C   $89.10 0.00-19.99 μs|cm 10 μs|cm
30073975 Pen Meter ST20C-A   $130.90 0.0-199.9 μs|cm 0.1 μs|cm
30073976 Pen Meter ST20C-B   $130.90 0-1999 μs|cm 1 μs|cm
30073977 Pen Meter ST20C-C   $130.90 0.00-19.99 μs|cm 10 μs|cm
30073978 Pen Meter ST10T-A   $101.20 0.0-100.0 mg|L 0.1 mg|L
30073979 Pen Meter ST10T-B   $101.20 0-1000 mg|L 1 mg|L
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